13 Courses of CHINESE FOOD

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Here to meet 17 members of my family and we are going to eat 13 courses.

Let's see if we can do it.

That's where the adults sit.

And this is where the kids sit! The adult table has better pork! Chestnut cake.

It's looks really good.

Can we pick up the chestnut cake? That is the question – it's hard.

Yup, that's how you do it.

It's like a chewy chewy.

But then in the middle is like some sort of water chestnut, almost.

Tibby you like it? Sesame balls.

Now this, this I can get behind.

How do you say orange in Mandarin? 橘子.

So we are done and we have all of the leftovers there and I think it was a success.

Success success.

I can't say "success" cause 13 courses will do that to you.