11 Struggles All Hot Sauce Lovers Know

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– I ordered this to be five star spicy and it's not spicy at all,can we make it hotter? Yeah, so I think maybe wecan split the Pad Thai, that'd be good, do you like that? – Oh yeah!- [Girl] Cool, cool.

We can get that uh, the superspicy one, that'd be good.

– [Guy] But I want mild.

– [Girl] What? Well, everyone, you've got the spices, you got the spice-ys,- Overrated.


– How dare you, how dare you.

– Are you OK?- Yeah, these are, so spicy, it's like my mouth is on fire.

– Jessica, what's wrong? – Oh God, this is just really spicy.

– You're crying because it's spicy? – You know that puts holesin your stomach, right? What are you doing with that hot sauce? – You have to see this new hot sauce I discovered, you're going to love it.

– Whoa, you mean sriracha?- Yeah.

– Yeah, so the food was good though? – It was so good, you would have loved it, it was so spicy.

– Wait, hold up, was it Indian food spicy, Thai food spicy, or Mexican food spicy?- Indian food, 100.

– That sounds delicious.

Oh my gosh, did you know that hot sauce gives you endorphins,like, your body thinks that you're under attackbut it really isn't, so it gives you endorphins,like science does this, isn't that amazing?- What? – Science gives you.

– I heard you.

– Hey girl, what's up?- [Jessica] Hey! – [Lady] Oh God!- [Jessica] Oh no, you can't have any, doyou like spicy food? – [Voiceover] No.

– Yeah, thought so, so, sorry, all mine.

– Real talk, I love sriracha.


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