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Hello its Kinoshita Yuka (English subs by ~Aphexx~Change font Size+Color+Transparency via options menu) So, Today! I want to show you guys this new app calledMealPix whats special about this app is thatyou can browse restaurants from detailed pictures they give you if you input a type of food you want to eat just like this, all these pics appear when you find something you like you can click the button and it will be saved for you to browse later looks delish! there's all sorts of food I want to try so today I'll be checking out this store Viccolino so I'm now here at Viccolino check out all the yummy food they made just for me!!! so laid out in front of me are 15 plates of foodand for desert I'll get another 3 plates totalling 18 plates!!! I'm so happy right nowITADAKIMASU I'll start with this red snapper and ikura egg ?carpaccio? looks so tasty I love that red snapper taste!this is fig, raw ham and cheese looks yummy! the fig and cheese go nicely together the dressing is so yummy this is eel and eggplant soba powder fritethe eggplant is yummy this is porcini pasta its a creamy pasta the pasta has a great mouthfeel and is complimented nicelywith the aroma of porcini this is something different its apparently lemon with ?roe? pasta its very fresh tasting and here's a Carbonara.

I love this stuff! the bacon looks yummy cheese and bacon were meant for eachother this is octopus in tomato sauce spaghetti omg check this out its a plate of assorted meats its perfectly rare and looks so delicious its sheep meat.

its tender yet is dense enough that you have to chew.

this is squid ink risotto topped with unithis is definitely going to taste fabulous so fancy/extravagant the salty uni is so yummy this is chestnut pepperoncino its got all these large pieces of chestnut this pepperoncino has such a unique taste this is shrimp and potato frico tadaa time for the 3 dessertschestnut tiramisu tall peaks of compote w/yoghurt gellato this is bananacotta.

Oh wow look at it.

this looks like a banana but its pannacotta that looks like a banana amazing.

ITADAKIMASU So yummy looking tiramisu is so the best look at this ? giant peak ? its so luxurious its so jiggly panacotta tastes so rich and tasty I forgot to do the last mouthful bit.

GOCHISOSAMADESHITA they used so many varied ingredients, everything tasted wonderful there's no going wrong with picking restaurants from pictures even if you aren't familiar with a certain restaurantyou can easily bring up pictures using the MealPix app to help you choose.

its so handy!even going overseas you can evaluate restaurants on pictures I really found this useful today and I'll be using this appfrom now on.

I'll post links to where you can download this in thedescription below everyone won't you give this a try and as always thanks for watching and if you liked this video please hit the like and subscribe button BAI BAI.

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