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Japanese food!! and we have a special guest! Another Mexican? because here Mexican are doing good! lol Her name is Ruthi!! hello my friends.

thanks a lot for inviting me I've seen that you had a lot of fun without me I was just there, looking at you.

The best thing is that I'll be doing the food section.

because now you cook better Japanese food than Mexican one.

what happened? Yes, I cook Japanese food more than Mexican I doesn't mean I hate Mexican.

the truth is that before getting married I didn't cook at home well, let me introduce myself a bit those who don't know me My name is Ruthi, I am Mexican obviously, and I have spent here 10 long years in Japan Why that long? I have two YouTube channels.

On the one channel I talk about Japan,my experiences, anecdotes.

you know that we Mexicans, we like to talk a lot The other channel is more about my family.

I have two kids I feel like everyone's grandma she still has a gorgeous body.

I don't know where your babies came from.

I adopted them No, no that's what people tell me they say, "'Hey, Ruthi, the children are only their dad's or are they also yours?' and I say, "'Should I show you my striations?" Nobody believes me I have two kids and a husband whom we call "Mr.

no face" 'Mr.

no face' because here, I am just surrounded by very nice-looking guys My husband is going to get jealous I send you thousands of kisses Sorry to interrupt you girls,but do you know "okonomiyaki"? Of course! Of course, we do Let's see they're going to pass it to me So hot!! Is it hot?? A little bit.

This is okonomiyaki And do you know what it is? Yes.

They are bonito flakes I know them as bonito flakes, dried bonito thin slices They are not alive.

We're going to show you why we say that I'm doing it with my hands I made a video about this and people are kind of scared it doesn't look nice it has no taste I think it has a strong taste well she said it has no taste, but when I came to Japan I tasted it and I felt strongly the taste of the fish it tastes like fish yeah, a lot but with okonomiyaki sometimes you put a lot of sauce and its taste is very strong thick and the flavour of the fish disappears it smells strong it does smell but with so many flavours in the okonomiyaki, like mayonese, sauce and nori Whatever topping you like, pork, cheese.

Bonito flavour disappears When I was a kid,Pokemon, Doraemon, Sailor Moon, Inuyasha or Narutowere shown on TV in Mexico but when I was watching Pokemon I was wondering what they were eating like onigiri and in Ranma ½ there was a girl with two palette knives bringing a set to cook and I was wondering what she was cooking it was in Spanish after some yaers I found it was okonomiyaki Pokemon, onigiri Ranma ½, okonomiyaki You use it to cook it and also to cut when it's done Good that we don't need to flip it over,since it a bit difficult It's hot Delicious! I was so hungry it lacks a bit of flavour.

mayonnaise? It looks really healthy food.

lol without sauce and mayonnaise it can be diet food, cause it is only vegetable You put the sauce, then small pieces of nori and after that mayonnaise When you tried it for the first time,how did you like it? I loved it I didn't like much Japanese food when I first came, but this combination of sauce and mayonnaise.

I liked okonomiyaki when I tried it for the first time.

In the central Mexico DF just crossing Bellas Artes there is a place the freakie square, the anime square.

you know what I'm talking about, those of you and I Iike to go there.

They have 4 or 5 floors filled with Japanes stuff.

Like video games or carta.

on the 3 or 4 floor there are shops where they try to imitate Japanese food and there is a place for okonomiyaki, but it seems like pre-cooked they sell also takoyakis, but when you bite them and it has weird texture.

it is not creamy, like here in Japan your teeths cut it and it feels like plastic,it looks like takoyaki but it doesn't taste like.

Okonomiyaki tastes more similar, cause they use the same sauces but when I came here I went to eat the real thing, and the real thing tastes good but here in Japan some shops are not good either.

yeah, it has a very special way of cooking and if you don't know it becomes a disaster Just turning it over requires a technique when I cook okonomiyaki at homeI make them small.

Otherwise I can not turn them I'm really bad at it.

But the good thing is that you can serve them directly on plates Yeah, it's faster We have something elso now.

Do you know what it is? onigiri!!What Pokemon character eat! Basically, there are.

it is a ball of steamed rice.

Not like in Mexico.

no salt, nothing You only need water to cook riceand wrap it with nori and you can fill it Like salmon, tuna, etc.

they call it like pocket food, It's easy to carry and eat.

Very convenient You can find it everywhere.

Like at 7 eleven And it's very cheap.

Like 1 dollar cold or hot you can eat it!It's very convenient.

When you get hungry, you can eat it while walking.

Here we have the onigiris and here we have so many kinds of sauces Jalapenos.

it's been so long since last time I ate them please don't eat them much, cuz I want to bring them home.

lol Chipotle! And here is miso.

It's Japanese.

And we have Valentina Mexican sauce.

I use it in every soup sesame oil And we have say sauce.


Tea?Kelp tea?? Is it powder? Kelp is seaweed.

Like nori.

I was like"Are we eating onigiris with tea?" So please choose sauce you wanna try with onigiri.

I want valentina sauce well I want Jalapeno ah! I forgot there is also condensed milk What?? but wait, why Miranda is eating with Valentina sauce.

She needs to eat them with something Japanese Valentina is not accepted Leo, you gotta try it for me.

Whaaaat? smells so good We need potatoes! A lemon, please It smells like spicy No, it's not.

You have never tasted it? No, never.

Today, you gotta try it.

This one is not very spicy.

There is another one, in black color, that one is spicy Who is this for? It's for me! They are sliced.

Are they?So nice.

Let me smell it.

This is life.

Yeah, first Leo needs to taste Valentina sauce.

then I'll try to eat them with condensed milk It's just I don't eat spicy stuff In Colombia, we don't eat spicy stuff.

Well I'm trying it 'cause Miranda served it for me Just dip a tiny bit Such a big chilote!! I'm salivating I lived one month in Colombia, without chileno.

They just have small balls like this, aji.

And they don't taste anything Sorry to all of you Colombians Didn't you eat empanadas with aji? My friend's mom prepared for me delicious filled cucumbers and she used a lot of ajis.

ajis in the guacamole I never tried Colombian food Bandeja paisa Oh! bandeja paisa!! So delicious! I'm looking forward to receiving your invitation Let's start I'm gonna try Valentina I'm trying Jalapeno And you Miranda? Chipotle This is the onigiri With the hand, ok? Should I dip like that, or like that? How am i gonna eat it with Jalapeno? Like that? On top of it? Yeah, on top.

Not that spicy Seaweed with Jalapeno??? Spicy? Look at my eyes!!!! No, it's fine It's good, a bit like vinegar I'm gonna eat Jalapenos with.

onigiri I want to try them also I feel spicy! Maybe because so long since last time! I'm gonna eat it with chipotle Even thought it didn't match the seaweed flavor, they are good You guys are eating spicy and here.

Mayonnaise lol Chipotle suits better to onigiri than jalapeno I want to try it! Where are my chopsticks? Did you know that chipotle with mayonnaise is a perfect combination? It's super good.

So Mexican! We were discussing about that, that's why I am doing it When Leo eats spicy things,She sweats a lot.

Like the ramen I ate.

Horrible, so hot!! but it was very good I want to try with miso.

It's delicious.

Some times they grilled it and it's very good Yeah, it's very tasty.

I'm gonna try chiplote CHIPOTLE You like it? Still feeling the spiciness of jalapeño.

It's so good!! Is it mayonnaise or chipotle? Jalapeño are spicy Mix is good! or may be I am, oh God!I'm losing the sense of spice I want a jalapeno, can I? Sure How? How? I eat it first and then the onigiri.

I put on top 3 or 4 but they are spicy.

You're gonna cry i enjoy the flavour like.

when my tongue feels like dying Watch her face! So many people are watching! Can I have the soy sauce? Yes soy sauce and sesame oil I imagined that strange combination Let's see Ruti, I know you wanna taste it 🙂 How's the smell? Good? A weird blend of smell I know this smell.

What is this?? Is it peanuts??No.

Ahhh I know this smell.

I love sesame oil.

I found the smell like ramen.

but may be it's because I'm hungry.

lol yeah! that's what they put in ramen Smells good It's gonna be Ruti's trademark Not bad.

but oil tastes too strong i don't like it that oily.

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