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Hello, I am Madhura and welcome to MadhurasRecipe Marathi Today, we will prepare see how to prepare diwali special anarasa.

To prepare dough for anarase is a bit tedious process.

First of all let's see all the steps invloved in preparing the dough.

For that here I have taken 1 cup basamati tukada rice.

And we are going to wash this rice 3-4 times really good.

Wash it really good.

Here I have washed the rice 3 times really good.

Let's add 2 cups water to it.

We have to soak this rice for 3 days.

And daily means if I soak the rice today, I will remove the water tomorrow.

Will wash it again really good and soak in water again.

And on the 3rd day wash it with water and soak in enough water again.

In this way we have to soak the rice for 3 days.

I have soaked the rice for anarase for 3 days.

And every day I have removed the water, washed the rice and soaked it again.

After soaking the rice for 3 days, it starts smelling a bit bad.

Let's drain all the water from the rice.

I have drained alll the water from rice.

Here I have some news papers.

I am spreading dry and clean cloth over it.

Let's spread the reice over it.

We have to dry the rice totally.

Approximately, the rice will dry within 2-3 hours.

As we have kept news papers below, water gets absorbed quickly.

And this will help to dry the rice quickly, If you don't have patience like me and if you are fond of using modern techniques Here I have hair dryer.

You don't have to wait for 2-3 hours till the rice dries.

You can dry the rice using hair dryer.

Here I have dried the rice well.

Ofcource with the help of dryer.

Now let's transfer the rice into a blender jar.

Now I am going to blend the rice in the blender.

Here I have ground the rice into flour.

Here I have a sieve for fine rava.

Let's seive the flour with the help of it.

So that if there is any rice left in the flour, it will be removed.

What am I doing here is I am sieving the flour nicely I am blending the left over course rice again in blender.

Here I have seived all the rice flour.

We have taken 1 cup basamati tukada rice.

I am adding 1/2 cup grated jaggery to it.

There are two types of jaggery.

One is chikkicha gudh.

It is also known as dark jaggery out of India.

It is a bit darker in colour.

And another is our regular gudh.

It is known as light jaggery.

For anarase recipe we are not using chikkicha gudh.

We are using another yellowish coloured gudh.

Let's mix the gudh with the rice flour nicely.

I have blended the mixture really good in a blender jar after adding jaggery to flour.

You can use the food processor for mixing this.

You can see here, the jaggery is mixed well with flour We can make a ball of the mixture too.

I am going to cover and keep it aside for 2 hours.

So that because of the moisture in the rice, jaggery will release the moisture in it.

We can make a nice ball of it.

I had kept anarasa dough aside for 2 hours after adding the jaggery.

Now let's see.

Gudh has started to release the moisture.

You can see, the mixture is coming together nicely.

You can grind it in a morter.

But I am going to blend it in blender once more.

If you are staying in cold weather, weather is dry and if jaggery is also dry Then you can add 2-3 tsp milk after adding gudh to rice flour.

You can knead the dough by adding milk.

Do not add more milk.

As gudh does release the moisture.

So 2-3 tsp milk is more than sufficient.

But I am staying in Pune and october heat is going on.

Here is much hot.

So gudh has released the moisture nicely.

Here I have blended the anarasa dough in mixer.

You can see.

It has released more moisture and it has turned into thick dough.

Now I will take out the dough into a plastic container.

Let's make a thick dough of it.

You can see.

It has turned into thick dough.

I haven't added any milk.

All the moisture is released by the gudh.

Thats enough.

I will cover and keep it overnight.

We are preparing diwali special recipes.

But before that if you like to decorate your home for diwali And if you like to decorate your home using homemade decorations I have just uploaded 2 videos on MadhurasRecipe Style Which elabortes how to prepare different decorative items at home.

Here I bought a simple clay diya.

I have painted it with acrylic or poster colours.

Here I had an old cd with me.

I have done some knudan work on it.

It turns into nice candle holder.

You can place a small candle at the center.

It looks really nice.

I had some metal bangles with me.

These are my daughter's bangles which don't fit her now.

I have stacked the one above the other and prepared a nice candle holder.

Along with it, I have prepared a diya using kundan work Here I have prepared the cd wall hanging using old cds.

I have used 3 cds and prepared a kind of laman diya.

You can not use candles here.

But you can use electric candles here.

It looks really pretty.

I have given the list of DIY video links in the description box below.

Do visit and watch the videos.

And do try these this diwali.

You can see that dough has fermented nicely.

Now I will take a small ball out of it.

Parallely I am heating the oil to fry the anarase.

You can grease your hands with oil while rolling out the anarase.

You can roll it on hand or in a dish.

Here, I have rolled the anarasa nicely.

Let's spread poppy seeds in the dish.

And let's roll it again by keeping it on the poppy seeds.

Now let's fry it in the oil.

Let's see how to deep fry the anarasa.

I have heated the oil.

The oil should not be too hot.

We have to deep fry the anarase on less than medium heat.

Keep the poppy side up while dropping the anarasa in hot oil.

Like so.

Fry the anarase by sprinking oil over it on medium heat.

Here I have prepared the anarasa using gudh.

You can use powdered suger if you want.

Here I have fried anarasa on low heat for 4-5 minutes.

You can see.

It is nicely fried.

It has got nice colour It has puffed up well and has got a nice net over it.

Now I will keep it on a tissue paper.

Similarly we will fry all the anarase.

Always keep the poppy seeds side up while frying anarasa.

You can see after dropping the anarasa in to oil, they puff up well and get nice net.

Do not keep the anarse ready.

Roll out one anarasa while you fry another.

As if you keep them ready, they will release the moisture.

Here I have fried the next batch of anarase.

You can see.

They have got nice net and are well fried.

Anarase are puffing up really nice and they have got nice net.

Here I have fried all the anarase really good.

You can see they are really crunchy.

Each anarasa is puffed up nicely and has got a layer of net on it.

You can see thay are crunchy from inside too.

It has got a nice layer.

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